• Vishranthi by Vishranthi is located in Lambeth Avenue, a place which can boast of serene ambience. Located on a single entry exit road, the apartment owners will derive the tranquility that is desired in today’s multi-polluted world. Sited in the middle of Lambeth Avenue, and of Bawa Road, it will be any owners pride to have an address in this vicinity as it is ideally located for access to any part of the city in the least possible time.


    Designed on stilts with 6 apartments, Vishranthi is poised to bring out it’s simple but yet elegant structure with the legacy of having constructed buildings providing abundant light and ventilation for maximum comfort of the owners. Complementing the mentioned legacy on comfort, the layouts for all apartments carry a stamp of thoughtfulness, in providing the occupant value for space and money.The six-fold vision of Vishranthi will facilitate great living conditionscombined with subtle combinations in overall design, color and landscaping. The occupants of Vishranthi can definitely revel with the contentment of Vishranthi Homes’ new landmark.

  • Amrita Srikamal